AC RW-BW520 1

AC RW-BW520 is a big size Enterprise Gateway based on X86 protocol. Support Load Balance, Ethernet backup and Ethernet Superimposed, multi-ISP access

AC management for wireless AP

Assign IP address for Wireless AP: Build in DHCP Server, it can assign the IP address for wireless AP automatically when AP online.

Multiple authentication

portal authentication, PPPoE authentication and Radius authentication

It support Wechat authentication

Multiple Gigabit WAN and multiple routing functions

AC RW-BW520 support PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP access, work with different ISP and max 512 end users can access into it.

Abundant security mechanism

like TCP/UDP/ICMP Flooding, IP/MAC/URL/Web ­filtering functions, Ping of Death and other related threats, ​


portal authentication,

It support policy-based routing function also, administrator will set the network based on IP/MAC/Domain/Interface policies


  • Max to access and manage 512 users
  • Max to manage 512 PCS wireless AP
  • Centrally and remotely to manage/configure wireless AP
  • smart QoS
  • Abundant security mechanism
  • Group or Single Configure
  • Multiple authentication
  • 1U frame , Intel® Baytrail™J1800 dual core 2.41GHz low power CPU
  • 6*Intel® I211AT Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • Build-in 75W-100W Industrial use power supply
  • Support 1-8GB flash, DDRIIIL 1333/1600
  • Support multiple storage like hard disk, SSD, CF card, DOM
  • Appearance is exquisite, not easy to scratch and leave fingerprints


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